by Katharina Weingartner

Every 60 seconds in Africa a child dies from malaria. The illness accounts for the death of at least half a million people every year, 90% occurring in the sub-Saharan regions of Africa. Aside from the human cost, the annual economic losses attributed to Malaria total over 12 billion USD.

And despite the vast amount of research, there is currently no single solution for the fight against malaria – yet. Plasmodium is one of the oldest known parasites on earth and has played a crucial role in various wars; but the war against malaria still remains to be won. In 1955, a global effort to eradicate endemic malaria was initiated by the WHO, but it was mostly successful in countries with temperate climate. For the countries in Africa, India and South-East Asia the solution is yet to be found. The approaches vary from traditional Chinese herbal medicine to semi-synthetic medication, from the distribution of insecticide-treated bednets to costly vaccination programs. The parasite constantly challenges the global community, the public health organisations and private aid-funds.

For THE FEVER Katharina Weingartner focuses on the complex history, present and future of Malaria and observes the search for a solution. The film introduces the people who work in the health industry and the people who are trying to survive the illness.

Duration: 100 Minutes